What do we do?

We create the future without styrofoam, foil, plastic.

We help our clients implement innovative solutions, we provide assistance and take care of communication on each stage of cooperation.


We fulfil orders for packagings of non-standard shapes and dimensions. We accept challenges and orders difficult to be executed by other manufacturers.

ECO section

Be eco, be fashionable - pack various goods with us

We create alternative possibilities of storing, transporting and shipping various goods. It enables to combine and arrange cardboard with other materials, providing good performance characteristics.


Owing to solutions making use of a standard honeycomb board sheet in a cheap, easy, light and ecological way, we can secure any product for shipment. It allows to eliminate plastic and styrofoam packagings which are a real threat to our natural environment.


The board from 0.8 mm to 75 mm in thickness allows to carry a large weight, it bears considerable loads and is resistible to mechanical damage. An additional advantage is the fact that a packaging made of it can be used many times, and then reprocessed. It is beneficial for economic reasons.


Activities conducted by Sanex are focused on maintaining appropriate ecological and social standards  – a safe impact on the environment and limitation of negative manufacturing processes to minimum.


We use raw resources coming from proper sources exclusively. We have FSC certificate  and ISO 9001:2015

In addition to cardboard packaging we also make:

toys, letters, wall boards covered with coloured linen, structural elements of stands, exhibitions walls, etc.