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Our company is participating in Operational Programme for Eastern Poland 2014-2020 Action 1.5 Subsidy for working capital.

Implementation of a design strategy in Sanex

Sanex Sp. z o.o. in Łowce received co-financing for the implementation of the project entitled “The implementation of a design strategy in Sanex”.


Aims of the project:

The main aim of the project is to reinforce the competitiveness of Sanex by increasing the potential of the company in the area of skilful design management and raising the use of design in its activity. The activities will translate into the launch of new products to the market – honeycomb cardboard packagings. It is the key aim of the project. Moreover, the following will be done: preparing a comprehensive model of the new product development process, activities related to organisation and processes, improving technology by retrofitting the possessed technological resources, activities with regard to the visual identification of the company and branding the company’s own label of end products.

Planned effects:

The plan is that within the project the Applicant will implement the following activities, which are the recommendations developed in Stage One of the design strategy:

1. Implementation of design and its management as a tool to develop own product solutions.
The strategy includes two aspects:
– creating a team responsible for the project and the implementation process,
– preparing a comprehensive model of a new product development process.
2. Implementation of innovative designs with the simultaneous implementation of new production technologies, enabling high-volume manufacturing of packagings.
3.Development of comprehensive visual identification of the Company and branding of the company’s label of end products.
The recommendation includes the implementation of gradual changes aiming at the uniformity of the visual identification system, and thus building a reliable and consistent image of the company.


Project net value: 6 150 000,00 zł
Eligible costs value: 5 000 000,00 zł
EU co-financing of the project: 2 960 000,00 zł

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Production of pallets and cardboard packagings is based on automatic production lines. Automated equipment and machinery allow fast change of the production profile without compromising quality, and its own drying plant and transport enable to react to the customer’s needs in a flexible and efficient manner.
Putting reliability and quality of performance first is the reason for which Sanex both retains the existing contractors and wins many new ones. We have constant and numerous trade contacts in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands, Estonia and Finland.

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Gradually, Sanex has expanded its offer with numerous services related to warehouse management and logistics. New services included: conducting comprehensive operation of pallet equipment and machinery, returnable packaging logistics, recycling of packagings, as well as pallet lease, monitoring of packaging return from clients and their renovation. The search for new and economical solutions in the area of packagings was the reason for which Sanex has varied its assortment by the production of honeycomb structure cardboard packaging. The purchase of a state-of-the-art production line and the establishment of the Cardboard Packaging Plant in Munina enabled to manufacture multi-layer cardboard packagings.

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Sanex has been conducting activity on the wood market since 1985 in Łowce near Jarosław, where to date there is the head office of the company and wooden packagings are still manufactured. Initially, the production was based on wood processing and production of saw timber. The recognition of the needs of the market had an impact on the launch of the production of wooden pallets, and as a result of fulfilling technical and quality requirements Sanex is now the main pallet supplier for numerous coroporations in different industries in Poland and abroad.